Spokane FallsLonger days, baseball season and tons of sunshine can only mean one thing...spring is here! While there are many ways to experience spring in Spokane, below are three things that I think are must-do, can't miss, bucket list items that you have to check out while in Spokane.

See the Spokane Falls
The Spokane River runs through the heart of downtown Spokane, which is beautiful on its own. Add basalt rock formations as a result of the Ice Age Floods however, and you have the spectacular Spokane Falls, second largest urban waterfalls in the country. Due to spring run-off from the nearby mountains, the falls are really raging this time of year. Not only can you see the mist rising off the river as it cascades through downtown, you might even get a little wet if you view the falls from the lower bridge. Take a ride a on the Spokane Falls SkyRide to really experience the falls up close and personal.

Centennial Trail from Mirabeau Point Park

Stretching from Riverside State Park to the Idaho border, the Centennial Trail is a scenic, paved, 37.5 mile trail. Whether you like to bike, skate, run or walk, you can enjoy the trail in numerous ways. I like to hop on the trail at Mirabeau Point Park in the Spokane Valley, as it's a long stretch of trail that meanders along the Spokane River, with plenty of wildlife to be seen!

Outdoor Dining
Spokane's rockin' culinary scene gets even tastier during spring, as you can enjoy your meal while soaking up the sun. Many restaurants open their patios once spring rolls around, creating a great hangout spot for a lunch date, happy hour or romantic dinner. While all of the outdoor dining spots are pretty fantastic, my favorites include Anthony's, Clinkerdagger and Central Food, where you can dine while oohing and aahing over the epic views of the Spokane Falls.

What's your favorite part about spring in Spokane? Comment below!