I know I said that these weren't ranked, and the previous 13 haven't been.  But I saved the best for last!  And this wasn't just my favorite, it was Lauran's favorite as well - so you know it's good!    

14.  Mt. Spokane Vista House:  There's something about mountaintop kisses that make them better than non-mountaintop kisses.  Maybe it's the view, or maybe it's the elevation and the subsequent lack of oxygen.  Whatever it is, it's great! Which is exactly why kissing at the Vista House, perched atop Mt. Spokane at 5,833 feet is a must.  My recommendation - lay one on her/him at sunrise or sunset.  The view is amazing and he/she won't be able to say no!  I took the sunrise route.  The experience and the views of the Spokane Valley, Idaho and Canada, and of course the kiss, were well worth the early wake up call.

I know you're sad to see the, "Top 14 Places to Kiss in Spokane" come to an end, and so am I.  As you can imagine, this has been pretty dang fun for me!  But now is where the fun starts for you.  This is your chance to hold up your end of the bargain that we discussed way back at #1.  As you can see, I've only shared 14 of my favorite spots.  And even though it's a pretty sweet list, I realize that there may be some spots I've never even heard of.  That leaves you with the responsibility of finishing off the list of 15 with your favorite lip-locking locale.  Remember sharing is caring!

First, take a look back and refresh your memory:

1.  Mantio Park Rose Hill Garden
2.  Riverfront Park Rotary Fountain
3.  Steam Plant Smokestack
4.  Bowl & Pitcher Overlook - Riverside State Park
5.  Arbor Crest Wine Cellars
6.  Cliff Drive
7.  The Marriage Proposal - The Davenport Hotel
8.  Spokane Falls Footbridge
9.  Coeur d'Alene Park - Browne's Addition
10.  Spokane Falls Skyride
11.  Looff Carrousel
12.  Quartz Mountain Fire Lookout
13.  Horse & Carriage Ride - Downtown Spokane
14.  Mt. Spokane Vista House

Now tell me about your favorite spot!  And make it a good one!