It's the third, non-alliterative "T" we're talking about!

Personally, I'm thinking of all the turkey I will be eating. Others, at this time of year, start pondering travel.

Just say it: the holidays are here. Any day now, you're going to have to dive in and spend your hard earned money on "getting there." And, if you have family (read: a mother), you're probably going to travel to see the fam-fam.

And for you, I've got tips. Or, rather, I've stolen some tips from a couple good web sites and put them in this blog. Since I need a better headline than what I started with, call it,

Tim's Four-by-Four Tips for 2013 Holiday Travel

We're covering two topics here: *Saving on airfare; *Saving on baggage fees. Four tips each.



  • Buy your tickets on the weekend. A recent study showed that tickets are 5% cheaper on weekends, on average.

  • Shop for one ticket at a time. If you buy them in bunches (two or more), you pay the same for each ticky. If you get your ticky...and then get your significant other's ticky separately, you might pay less. This actually happened to me last July when my wife and I flew to Santa Rosa to go wine tasting.

  • Fly on the holiday. Studies show that you can save 20% on the ticket for that day.

  • Check the airline's web site. If you use an aggregator web site, like, you might not get all the results you want. Southwest Airlines, for example, doesn't show up on some sites. Go to Southwest's site yourself. It is always smart to double check.


  • Wear it. If it's on your bod, it doesn't have to go in your bag. Ka-ching.

  • Mix-and-match your wardrobe. In other words, don't pack a new outfit for each day. Be creative, save money, look good!

  • Go carry-on. My buddy Grant could fly to the Moon for a year -- with a carry-on. And he's got money to burn. Probably because of all the cash he's saved by carrying on all these years.

  • Ship it. For example, ship your gifts ahead of time, so you don't have to pack them when you're heading to mom's. Bonus: when she gets the gift in the mail, she may be prompted to buy you more.


So there you have it. Have them. Eight ways to a happier holiday season. (Inasmuch as you equate happiness with saving money.) If you have tips, let me know!


Here is where I found my info on airfare and baggage fees.