I'm an idea guy.  Not in the "I have a great idea and I'll make it happen" sense.  But more in the "I've got a great idea that would be really cool, but not follow through with it" sense.  Character flaw?  Perhaps.  I blame it on the lack of financial backers.  But I figured something out, and this is where you come in.  Don't worry, I'm not hitting you up for money.  If I brainstorm with a bunch of other "idea people," imagine the quality ideas that would be created.  Plus, there's bound to be at least one idea person out there who could make it a reality!

Now, I love Spokane.  I truly think people take for granted how great a city we have here and how much it has to offer.  But we can't settle.  We need to keep pushing the envelope.  After all, didn't complacency kill the cat?  Oh wait, that was curiosity . . . and by cat I mean city.

I, of course, have my own earth-shattering ideas about what Spokane needs.  But I'm only one man.  So, it is with all this in mind that I pose to you this question:  What does Spokane need?  General . . . I know.  But I left it open ended for a reason.  I want hear your ideas, no matter how wacky, normal or unimportant they may seem.  So dust off those thinking caps and let me have it!  Who knows, your idea just might become reality.