Yesterday, I had the very special privilege of getting a Jersey Girls Costumesbackstage tour with the "Jersey Girls," the 3 women part of the Broadway smash, "Jersey Boys." The friendly ladies led us on a tour of the dressing room, wig room and backstage, a special treat for a girl with a dance and performance background! I also had the chance to talk with them about the show, here are some fun facts:

In the numbers:

19   Members in the cast.
50   People in the crew.
54   Characters the women play throughout the show.
3     Jersey Girls skills - acting, singing and dance.
4     Men who play the Jersey Boys - they play instruments  on stage, making them quadruple threats!
3,000 Costume pieces used throughout the show.

Other fun facts:

The music pit, which can't be seen by the audience, is normally hidden in a basement or secluded room. At the INB Performing Arts Center, it's right backstage (the closest it's ever been for a performance!) 

Jersey Girls

When asked about their favorite part of the show, it was hard for the women to pick just one thing! They agreed that the story, music and travelling make performing in the show an unforgettable experience, and that being a part of Jersey Boys is genuinely a "dream come true."

Since I'm a little partial to Spokane, I had to ask how they were enjoying the city and what they had done so far. The girls loved going through the Flour Mill, seeing the Red Wagon and the Spokane Falls. Up next? SkyRide and ice skating!


If you haven't bought your tickets for the show yet, don't wait any longer. This is an absolute "must-see." The music is catchy, the story unique, and the performers phenomenal! Jersey Boys will be in Spokane at the INB Performing Arts Center through October 28, don't miss it! Get your tickets here.