Spokane: Where Learning Meets City Life

Did you know Spokane is home to a thriving university district? Learn about the perks of attending college in our beautiful city.

Tree-lined walkways filled with students bustling to their next class sounds like any college campus, but widen the view a bit and you’ll understand what makes Spokane’s University District a textbook case in simplicity.

Just steps from the thriving urban core, the powerful Spokane River gorge, and quaint community focused neighborhoods, this capital of learning inspires young minds with an added lesson in time-economy. A stroll through the naturalness of campus funnels into the nightlife, shopping, and entertainment of the city. A world class biking and running trail is at your doorstep and hiking, kayaking, and camping are just minutes away.

The stately campus of Gonzaga University lives harmoniously with students of the University of Washington, Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, Whitworth University, and Community Colleges of Spokane.

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