What Does Spokane Have To Offer?

It's the little things that leave a lasting effect. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to reassess what is important, to appreciate the small stuff, to embrace the moments and experiences. In Spokane, you'll find a small city that packs big perks. This area has a lot to offer the traveler looking for something other than the usual big-city fare.

Natural Beauty of Spokane

Not only is Spokane a natural beauty, but it is also a four-season destination, so you get to see her in all her outfits. Unlike our counterpart, Seattle, we aren't rainy and gray. On the contrary, we're sunny, we get snow and cold, we get sun and heat, and in spring and fall, we get rain and color. The scenic beauty of Spokane makes the city a tourism hot spot, with travelers from all over the world coming to see the mountains and landscapes of the area.

With natural beauty comes excellent things to do outside in Spokane. Top-notch skiing, snowboarding, Nordic track, and tubing are available at your choice of five different ski resorts. In summer, myriad lakes mean fishing and boating. Hikes in Riverside or Mount Spokane State Parks or perambulatory walks in Manito Park enjoyed with friends. No visit is complete without a stop in Riverfront Park. The numerous outdoor activities make Spokane ideal for travel and tourism during the summer months.

The Urban Flair of Spokane

Beauty fades over time, but in this day and age, who hasn't had a little work done? Spokane has, and, frankly, we think it looks incredible. Downtown Spokane is a perfect example of the dedication to renovation and repurposing over ripping down. Architecture buffs will find joy in the little details of 19th-century brickwork, Art Deco swirls, or the brutalist lines of Mid Century modern. Be sure to do the self-guided historic building tour. The brochure is free. Nestled inside those buildings are shops to explore, restaurants to try, tasting rooms, and breweries. Don't forget the Historic Davenport Hotel. It's the piece de la resistance in Spokane's history and it is a must-see when traveling to the area.

Dining in Spokane

Spokane has taste. It's evident in its restaurants, and James Beard-award nominated chefs. It's clear by the number of craft breweries and wineries. Its fresh farmer's markets are proof of an agricultural mecca. It's the wild ingredients, Steelhead salmon and huckleberries, that seal the deal. Be sure to explore the culinary side of the city, and if it's your first time visiting the Spokane region, be sure to visit our Spokane Dining page to find the best food and drink in the area.

Arts & Culture

Spokane has a healthy collection of museums and art galleries. The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum, which means it always has an exhibit guaranteed to pique your interest. If you have children or consider yourself a child, Mobius Discovery Center is the perfect spot to go. At Gonzaga University's centrally located campus, the Jundt Art Museum and the Bing Crosby Museum give you quality art and quality time with one of the world's most famous crooners. The best part: they're both free. In nearby Spokane Valley, discover the Historic Museum of Flight and Spokane Valley Heritage Museum.

Spokane Performing Arts

Live music. Broadway. Symphony. Arena concerts. Yes, friends, these things exist in Spokane. Sure, they aren't accessible right now due to COVID restrictions but remember to check out the performing arts scene when the veil lifts. From indie concerts at Lucky You Lounge to Best of Broadway to the Spokane Symphony at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox to Garth Brooks in the Spokane Arena, it's all there.


If you're in Spokane, you're in the home of Gonzaga University's lauded basketball team. Hello, it's the #1 team in the country! No matter your allegiance, you have to have mad respect for Mark Few's successful program. The game tickets are the toughest in town to find but don't worry, you have other teams to watch. College hoops aside, there's college football, minor league hockey, minor league baseball, and arena football. The Spokane Indians are a local favorite, so be sure to catch a game when traveling through Spokane!

Perfect Match

Spokane offers the chance to get off the main highway and find surprises around every bend. It provides an opportunity to explore small city America with your entire family. It's a place that hasn't fallen under the cold, shiny spell of high rise glass and steel or $25 martinis. It's a place with charm and personality and affordability. It's a city with a story. After all, gritty is the new pretty.

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