Breakfast & Brunch Hot Spots in Spokane, WA

There’s no better way to prepare for a day of exploring Spokane than with a meal that’ll keep you fueled throughout your many adventures. Satisfy your appetite with a breakfast or brunch that’s sure to leave a tasty impression of the city.

The first meal options range from the traditional to the innovative, with restaurants running the spectrum of offering cultural classics, reinterpretations of morning food, or all-American favorites. You can opt for a spot dedicated strictly to breakfast only, pop into a café or bakery, sit down at a breakfast-all-day restaurant, or try the weekend brunch buffets at area hotels—breakfast in Spokane is just around every corner.

Have breakfast how you want it—when you want it—at the Satellite Diner & Lounge. Open daily until 4 am, the restaurant dishes up breakfast at all hours,

so you can end a night of reveling on a bacon-and-egg note. One of the few places where breakfast and happy hour overlap, have your favorite cocktail or brew served alongside your favorite omelet or pancake. Weekly specials and trivia nights keep things fresh and lively at this local favorite.

Immerse yourself in a world of brunch and brunch only at The Yards Bruncheon. Created by Spokane’s award-winning chef and restaurateur, Adam Hegsted, this modern diner has an old-school look and feel, complete with checkered floors and chrome-trim furniture, but the menu presents a reimagining of traditional brunch. Items like a French toast burger with bacon and eggs, chorizo tacos, and deviled eggs with a maple-bacon filling let you dive thoroughly into the concept of blending breakfast and lunch to satisfying results.

While many diners have an appearance which mimics that of a vintage railroad dining car, Frank’s Diner is the real deal. Housed in a diner car which once operated in the 1900s, this eatery serves up food all day with a special focus on breakfast. You’ll feel right at home with the generous portions of comfort food and an entertaining sideshow of cooks working in close quarters just behind the counter.

Breakfast or brunch is not to be missed while visiting Spokane; it presents the stage for local chefs to shine and put their culinary mastery on display through flavorful, and sometimes unexpected, creations that reflect the best of all the city has to offer.

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