Vegetarian Restaurants in Spokane

With all of the farms and farmers’ markets in and around Spokane, it’s no wonder that vegetarian cuisine flourishes. Creative and inspired takes on vegetarian food can be found in restaurants dedicated to turning fresh, local produce into artfully prepared meals.

Vegetarian Options Abound

The proliferation of nearby fruits and vegetables means that even establishments which are not strictly vegetarian feature standout vegan creations that can compete against the finest carnivore entrées. Whether you’re going out to find the cream of the vegetarian crop or looking for a restaurant to accommodate meat and plant lovers alike, the Spokane food scene has what you seek.

Vegan Comfort Food 

Among the many choices for vegetarian fare is Allie's Vegan Pizzeria & Café. This 100% vegan restaurant has gluten-free options and is known for pizza, but will also impress with items like a meatless bacon burger, fish-less fillet, and rice bowls. Dairy-free cheese and dough made by hand are a few examples of the care put into creating food which will satisfy any appetite.

Gluten-Free Treats & Vegan Sweets

Looking for a vegan drink and dessert—and maybe a vegetarian bite to eat for good measure? Look no further than Boots Bakery & Lounge, where a coffee shop, bakery, deli, and bar are all happily housed in one location. Completely vegan and mostly gluten-free, the savory and sweet creations are complemented by a welcoming ambiance. You might come for a thoughtful cocktail, but stay for the lounge atmosphere scented with fresh-baked goods.

Those with food allergies or restrictive diets will rejoice at the offerings available from Cole’s Bakery & Cafe. The completely gluten-free and peanut-free menu also provides options which are dairy free and vegan. Here, you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared in a kitchen dedicated to keeping grains and gluten out, but still enjoy the satisfying flavors so often lost in the translation of gluten-free meals.

All Organic Juice & Eatery

From the raw foodist to the strictly vegan, a journey into mindful ingredients and clean eating awaits all at Method Juice Café. Don’t be fooled by the name though, this all-organic eatery has plenty to nosh on too. Cold-pressed juices and smoothies are just the start, smoothie bowls and hearty brown rice and quinoa bowls will also tempt you.

Vegetarian restaurants in Spokane don’t just serve alternatives to meat; they serve food inspired by nature. You can truly taste the city when you visit these reflections of the Lilac City.

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