In Spokane the healthy choice and the tasty choice are one and the same! Boots Bakery and Lounge located in downtown Spokane offers a completely vegan menu with daily soups, salads and casseroles as well as vegan twists to biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, frittatas and more. Across the street, Saranac Public House's progressive philosophy of locally sourced food, hormone-free eggs, dairy and fair-trade coffee extend to healthy vegetarian and vegan options as well. Their menu includes vegetarian substitutes for nearly everything and their homemade cashew sauce is the secret to their famous vegan mac and cheese.

Mizuna, a Spokane classic for nearly two decades, focuses on fresh organic food and fine wine. With a bent on the best vegetarian cuisine, Mizuna now also features the highest quality organic and hormone free meats on their eclectic menu.

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