Farmers Markets

With more than 2,500 farms in Spokane County alone, it’s no wonder that there are an abundance of farmers markets in Spokane and the surrounding areas. Visitors can strike out in any direction and there’s bound to be a farmers market taking place.

Many of these farms operate on a seasonal basis, beginning during the spring, thriving through summer, and lasting until the beginning of fall in October. Some continue to sell their harvest during the winter with indoor markets through the cold months.

Whether you pick a day of the week or an area of the city to explore, Spokane’s farmers markets do not disappoint.

Markets in Town

Check out Kendall Yards Night Market for an evening twist on the traditional farmers market. Taking place on Wednesdays nights, this

gathering promises fresh produce alongside food vendors, live music, and events. In addition to providing your dinner and entertainment for the night, seize the opportunity to scoop up locally-made artisan crafts like fragrant handmade soaps or freshly roasted coffee.

Another option for assembling fresh food for a complete a farm-to-table meal is the Thursday Market in Spokane’s South Perry District. Here, you can take your pick of colorful vegetables for an impressive ratatouille complete with heirloom varieties. Or perhaps select a cut of grass-fed beef to be served alongside a crisp baguette topped with creamy chèvre—all proudly produced locally.

On the Farm: Pick Your Own Produce

A short 15-20 minute ride will get you and your family out of city and to even more options for farmers markets within the county. Take some deep breaths of country air and feast your eyes on the pastoral, open spaces with a day trip to regional markets and farms.

Just 15 minutes north of Spokane is the collection of Green Bluff farms. Consisting of over 30 farmers in a 12-square-mile area, Green Bluff Growers is a community of farms each individually operating their own plots. Taking the farmers market concept to an unparalleled level of personalization, the farms at Green Bluff allow visitors to pick their own produce, flowers, and herbs. Handling your fruit and vegetables from tree or vine and bringing them home to eat is an essential experience.

Don’t rush back to the kitchen so quickly—for those seeking a farm fresh meal near the farm are in luck, you can grab a bite or sample a drink from local breweries and wineries.

Consider the farmers markets of Spokane a hyper-local means of getting to know the city. After all, food is a language we all speak and sharing a meal is one of the best ways of getting to know someone.

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