Punctuated by an urban river gorge, Downtown Spokane is where city life and nature’s brilliance live side by side. Walk through the city’s core, distinguished by historic buildings, before taking in the mightiness of the Spokane Falls, all located right in the heart of the city.

Spokane is known for embracing its long history and bringing the buildings and the spirit of the past into the present. The city’s get it done community has made a point of careful preservation and boldly reimagining the city now and into the future.

Tour The Historic Davenport Hotel, the cornerstone of revitalization and, perhaps, the most beautiful and elegant hotel in the West. The hotel’s two lives began in the early 1900s, when it was built and established as a West Coast standard for opulence and grace. Later in the century, the grand hotel fell into disrepair and was slated for demolition. That’s when a more-than-civic-minded local couple refurbished and refreshed The Historic Davenport Hotel for a new generation. It is truly a Spokane signature.

Arts and entertainment come alive Downtown. Enjoy the Spokane Symphony in the historic Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox – an art-deco masterpiece hailing from the depression era. Or take in modern Spokane sound at one of the many local nightclubs scattered through downtown.

For shopping, you will find the perfect something at one of Downtown’s great shopping destinations. Whether it’s a national retailer at River Park Square, or a local boutique like Lolo or Echo – Spokane is a place that welcomes all styles and brings them together in this super walkable neighborhood.

Inspired restaurateurs, wine makers and craft brewers call Downtown Spokane home. Experience the best from our award-winning chefs, sip the state’s most celebrated wines, and discover some of the tastiest craft beer in the country. In Downtown Spokane, it’s about more than a great meal or drink, it’s about the community’s tastemakers and their spirit that turns culinary dreams into reality that you can literally savor.

Once you’re here, it’s easy to enjoy and understand all that makes Downtown Spokane the heart of the Intermountain Northwest.  

Spokane Spotlights