Spokane Restaurants in 360


When you come to Spokane, come hungry. This foodie paradise will tempt you with every type of cuisine and all of the latest food trends. Need some quick restaurant recommendations? Check out the Convention District Food Guide for renowned eateries within close proximity of the Convention Center.

Spokane is making a name for itself in the national food scene and it's all because of the many local chefs dedicated to culinary craft. Chef-driven restaurant concepts cover everything from tacos and beer to upscale dining and weekend brunch. And it’s not all about trends either. In Spokane, it’s more about using skills and passion to create truly memorable meals. Chefs embrace old-world techniques for modern applications, and the opposite is true too.

You’ll find the perfect restaurant to suit any occasion or appetite. Looking to nibble and chat? Check out any of the cafés and coffee shops serving up pastries and sandwiches. Want a meal paired with the perfect local wine or brew? There are plenty of wineries and breweries to choose from. Feeling a little adventurous?

Explore the local Northwestern fare and see what the chefs are cooking up with ingredients sourced from nearby farms or even their own gardens.

With Spokane County home to thousands of farms, there’s no shortage of farm-to-table efforts. More often than not, you’ll discover that the food scene thrives on all things local and fresh. Spokane chefs carefully select the ingredients to best express their vision, and, as a diner, you become the lucky recipient of this craft and care executed to delicious results.

If you’re interested in sampling far-flung flavors, Spokane has that covered as well. Global tastes have their place in this mini metropolis where diverse cultures converge. You can have Danish aebelskivers for breakfast, pad thai for lunch, Indian tikka masala for dinner, and maybe even Jamaican jerk chicken from a food truck for a snack in between.

You can also take your pick of dining settings to further enhance your eating adventure. Outdoor patios abound and range from sidewalk seating that places you in the middle of the action or tucked away gardens secluded by greenery. Bars and pubs provide a lively atmosphere where the food doesn’t take second place to the drinks and it’s all the easier to transition into experiencing Spokane’s nightlife. Those seeking a romantic respite have many locations to select from where mood lighting will do most of the work for you. And, there are plenty of options for families and kids where little ones even have their own menu.

Get to know Spokane by tasting all that it has to offer. While you’re at it, you’re sure to discover the people, places, and tastes making it a destination you’ll return to again and again. 

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